Stable Cafe Wedding | San Francisco, California

Stable Cafe is a charming San Francisco wedding venue that makes the most of its small slice of land in the Mission. When you step foot in the courtyard you feel like you are entering a hidden oasis among the busy city. Succulents peek out from every corner, creeper plants climb the walls, and green leafy trees filter the sunlight. In the indoor spaces there is always fine art on display, which I especially love. In my experience there aren’t that many outdoor wedding venues in San Francisco – at least not to the degree that you’d find in surrounding areas like Napa/Sonoma – which makes Stable Cafe even more special.

This wedding brought together a groom from Jamaica, a bride of North African decent, and their wonderful families and friends. From beginning to end it was all smiles, happiness and tears of joy. And the food, the glorious food. It was all Jamaican and all delicious.